Badakhshan Map Chart

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General Information:
Country: Afghanistan
Capital: Fayzabad
– Governor: Ahmad Faisal Begzad
– Total: 44,059 km2 (17,011 sq mi)
Population (2012)
– Total: 904,700
Density: 21/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zone: UTC+4:30
ISO 3166 code: AF-BDS
Main languages: Dari, Khowar, Kyrgyz, Shughni, Munji, Ishkashimi, Wakhi
Badakhshan Province is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the farthest northeastern part of the country between Tajikistan and northern Pakistan. It shares a 56.5-mile (91 km) border with China.
It is part of a broader historical Badakhshan region. The province contains 22 to 28 districts, over 1,200 villages, and approximately 904,700 people. Feyzabad serves as the provincial capital. (source: Wikipedia)

Badakhshan bordering Province: Parwan, Nuristan, Takhar

Regional Map: Map of Afghanistan, Map of Asia

Badakhshan province is divided into districts:

  1. Baharak
  2. Darwaz
  3. Fayzabad
  4. Ishkashim
  5. Jurm
  6. Khwahan
  7. Kishim
  8. Kuran_Wa_Munjan
  9. Ragh
  10. Shahri_Buzurg
  11. Shighnan
  12. Wakhan
  13. Zebak
Blank Map
image: Badakhshan Blank Map

Where is Badakhshan?

image: Badakhshan Map Location

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