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General Information of Grenada:

  • Grenada is a country in North America
  • Official Name: Grenada
  • Capital: St. George’s
  • Population: 106,000
  • Languages: English, French Patois
  • Geographic Region: America, Caribbean
  • Geographic Size (km sq): 344
  • Year of UN Membership: 1974
  • Year of Present State Formation: 1974
  • Current UN Representative: Denis G. Antoine
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Grenada Bordering Countries: none

Regional Maps

Political Map

Grenada Political Map

Grenada map

Grenada Map2

Map Location

Grenada Map Location

Important Cities of : St. George’s, Belmont, Calivigny, St. David’s, Marquis, Grenville, Tivoli, Sauteurs, Victoria, Gouyave, Grand Roy, Grand Bay, Hillsborough.

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