Regions which were influenced by Buddhist elements in Nusantara

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sejarah agama buddha

History – Regions which were influenced by Buddhist elements in Nusantara – Based on the discovery of a bronze Buddha statue at Sempaga South Sulawesi, it is estimated that Buddhism developed in Nusantara earlier them Hinduism.

Vieved from the shape, the statue at Sempaga was the same in style as the statue made in Amarawati, India. Statues like these were commonly made between the 2nd and 5th centuries AD. Scientists assumed that the Buddha statue was a trading article or an offering for a Buddhist sacred place.

Bacaan Lainnya

In addition to the statue at Sempaga, similar statues were also found in Jember (East Java) and Bukit Siguntang (South Sumatera). The findings show the quality of life and level of culture of Indonesia people at that time and also the relation to Indian culture.

Based on the findings of Buddha statues. It was assumed that the regions in Indonesia which were influenced by Buddhist elements were as follow :  

  1. Sempaga, South Sulawesi
  2. Jember, East Java.
  3. Bukit Siguntang, South Sumatera.
  4. Kota Bangun, East Kalimantan
  5. Malay Kingdom
  6. Sriwijaya Kingdom
  7. Mataram Kingdom
  8. Singasari Kingdom
  9. Majapahit Kingdom

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