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Kuwait Map – Kuwait Information: Kuwait is a country located in the Middle East, including a monarchic region of Asia. This country is rich in oil on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Kuwait’s borders include: the south borders Saudi Arabia and the north with Iraq. Kuwait’s population in 2014 reached 4.2 million. From 2001 to 2009, Kuwait ranked highest in the Human Development Index in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

General Information of Kuwait map

  • Kuwait is a Country in the Middle East
  • Official Name: State of Kuwait, دولة الكويت (Dawlat al-Kuwait)
  • Capitol: Kuwait City
  • Population: 4,044,500
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Geographic Region: Asia, Western Asia
  • Geographic Size (km sq): 17,818
  • Year of UN Membership: 1963
  • Year of Present State Formation: 1961
  • Current UN Representative: Mansour Ayyad Sh. Al-Otaibi
Kuwait Map HD
Map of Kuwait

Kuwait Bordering Countries

  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia

Regional Maps

Political Map

Kuwait Political Map
Kuwait Political Map

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Kuwait Map Location
Kuwait Map Location

Important city of Kuwait

Abdali, Al Ahmadi, Al Jahra, Al Khiran, Al Kuwayt (Kuwait), Al Wafrah, As Subayhiyah, Ash Shuwayhk, Az Zawr, Bubiyan, Mardaz Hudud al Abdali, Mina’ ‘Abd Allah and Qasr as Sabiyah.

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