9 Map Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country that most of its territory in the form of mountains, although there are also plain in the North and Southwest. Afghanistan's highest peak with an altitude of Noshaq is 7485 m.

Most of the country is dry, and clean water supplies are limited. Afghanistan is a country climate the climate of the land, with hot summers, and cold winters. Afghanistan country often became the center of an earthquake.

Map Of Afghanistan
the capital city of Afghanistan is Kabul, while Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e Sharifdan Kandahar is the main cities in the country

Here we attach various map country Afghanistan, may be useful for your interests.

Picture of Afghanistan map in 1993

Picture of Afghanistan map in 2001

Picture of Afghanistan map in 2002

Picture of Afghanistan map in 2003

Picture Afghanistan map in 2008

Picture of Afghanistan map in 2009

Picture map Of Afghanistan in 2009

Picture Kabul map in black and white

Picture of Kabul map in color

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