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Algeria Bordering Countries: LibyaMaliMauritaniaMauritaniaMoroccoNigerTunisiaWestern Sahara

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Things to know

RegionNorth Africa
Coordinates28°00′N 3°00′E
AreaRanked 10th
• Total2,381,741 km2 (919,595 sq mi)
• Land100%
• Water0%
Coastline1,622 km (1,008 mi)
BordersLand boundaries: 6,343 km
Morocco 1,559 km,
Mali 1,376 km,
Libya 982 km,
Tunisia 965 km,
Niger 956 km,
Mauritania 463 km,
Western Sahara 42 km
Maritime claims32–52 nm
Highest pointMount Tahat, 2,908 m
Lowest pointChott Melrhir, −40 m
Longest riverChelif River, 230 km
Climatearid to semiarid
Terrainmostly high plateau and desert, mountains, narrow coastal plain
Natural Resourcespetroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, uranium, lead, zinc
Natural Hazardsearthquakes, mudslides, floods, droughts
Environmental Issuessoil erosion, desertification, pollution

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