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Map of Angola Region

image: Map of Angola Region

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Map Location

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Black and white Map of Angola

image: Black and white Angola Map

Outline Map blank white emboss

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Angola in Google Map

Thing to Know

Southern Africa
12°30′S 18°30′E
Ranked 22nd
• Total
1,246,700 km2(481,400 sq mi)
1,600 km (990 mi)
Land boundaries: 5,369 km
DROC 2,646 km
Republic of Congo 231 km
Namibia 1,427 km
Zambia 1,065 km
Highest point
Mount Moco, 2,620 m
Lowest point
Atlantic Ocean, sea level
Longest river
Congo River, 4,344 m
narrow coastal plains, hills and mountains, high plains
Natural Resources
petroleum, diamonds, ironore, phosphates, copper, feldspar, gold, bauxite, uranium
Natural Hazards
occasional heavy rainfall with accompanying floods
Environmental Issues
deforestation, overgrazing of meadows, air pollution, waste disposal

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