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Map of Benin Region

Benin Bordering Countries: Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Togo

Regional Maps: Map of Africa, World Map

Map location

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Black and white map

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Benin in Google Map

Thing to Know

RegionWest Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
Coordinates9°30′N 2°15′E
AreaRanked 102nd
• Total112,622 km2 (43,484 sq mi)
• Land98.2%
• Water1.8%
Coastline121 km (75 mi)
BordersTotal land borders:
2,123 km (1,319 mi)
Burkina Faso 386 km (240 mi),
Niger 277 km (172 mi),
Nigeria 809 km (503 mi),
Togo 651 km (405 mi)
Highest pointMont Sokbaro 658 m (2,159 ft)
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean sea level
Terrainflat to undulating plain; some hills and mountains
Natural Resourcesoil, limestone, marble, timber
Environmental Issues

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