Bhutan Map

Bhutan Map – Below are 3 types of maps of the State of Bhutan, namely HD region maps, maps appear from satellites, and maps of the location of these countries when viewed from a map of the world as a whole.

General Information of Bhutan:

  • Bhutan is a country in Southeast Asia
  • Official Name: Kingdom of Bhutan, འབྲུག་རྒྱལ་ཁབ་ (Dzongkha)
  • Capital: Thimphu
  • Population: 746,000
  • Languages: Dzongkha
  • Geographic Region: Asia, Southern Asia
  • Geographic Size (km sq): 38,394
  • Year of UN Membership: 1971
  • Year of Present State Formation: 1885
  • Current UN Representative: Kunzang Choden Namgyel

Bhutan Map

Map of Bhutan
Map of Bhutan

Bhutan Bordering Countries

  • China
  • India

Regional Maps

Political Map

Bhutan Political Map
Bhutan Political Map

Map Location

Bhutan Map location
Bhutan Map location

Important Cities of Bhutan

Chapcha, Chukha, Daga, Dewangiri, Dzong, Gasa, Geylegphug, Jakar, Mongar, Phuntsholing, Punakha, Shemgang, Singye Dzong, Sombe, Tashigang, Thimphu, Tongsa and Wangdiphodrang.

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