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Europe could be a continent placed within the hemisphere and largely within the orient. it’s deckle-edged by the ocean to the north, the ocean to the west and also the Mediterranean to the south. It includes the westmost a part of Eurasia.

Since around 1850, Europe is most ordinarily thought of to be separated from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and chain of mountains, the Ural stream, the Caspian and Black Seas and also the waterways of the Turkish Straits. though the term “continent” implies geography, the land border is somewhat whimsical and has been redefined many times since its 1st conception in classical antiquity.

The division of Eurasia into 2 continents reflects East-West cultural, linguistic and ethnic variations that vary on a spectrum instead of with a pointy line. The geographic border additionally doesn’t follow political boundaries, with Turkey, Russia and Asian nation being continental countries. A strict application of the chain of mountains boundary additionally places 2 relatively tiny countries, Azerbajdzhan and Georgia, in each continents.

Europe Map Political of Countries

Map of European Countries

Countries in Europe

AustriaGibraltarRepublic of North Macedonia
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIcelandSerbia
Czech RepublicLithuaniaSweden
FranceNorwayUnited Kingdom

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Where is Europe?

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Europe Countries Map

Europe Countries Map

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Important city of Europe: Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Bern, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Chisinau, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, Kiev, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Minsk, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tirana, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Zagreb.