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What is the capital city of FAROE ISLANDS? TORSHAVN What is the total area of FAROE ISLANDS? (km2) 1.393
What is the population in FAROE ISLANDS? (2014) 48.359 What is the iso country code for FAROE ISLANDS? (2lt) FO
What is the iso country code for FAROE ISLANDS? (3lt) FRO What continent is FAROE ISLANDS in? Europe
What currency is used in FAROE ISLANDS? DANISH KRONE What is the currency code for FAROE ISLANDS? DKK
What is the tel code for FAROE ISLANDS? 298 What language use in FAROE ISLANDS?/td> FAROESE
What is the language code for FAROESE? FO What is the internet TLD code for FAROE ISLANDS? .fo
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Administrative Divisions Map
image: Faroe Islands Administrative Divisions Map
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