5 Important Tips For Interior Design Minimalist

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The minimalist design is built by connecting the lighting, neutral colors, and shape of the house. Striking colors used in only a minor detail in a room. Common materials used in the interior design are minimalist stone and natural wood, metal, and glass. It is also common for furniture items.

1. Furniture

When choosing furniture for projects of this kind, the focus is on natural wood, leather, glass and stainless steel. These materials give the room a sleek look.

Focus on low furniture items closer to the floor chair, table or fireplace for a minimalist space.

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2. Walls and Floors

White is the most common color for the walls in a minimalist design. This color gives any room a larger appearance and increase the effects of other design elements in the room.

Neutral colors and natural stone colors are also suitable. It is not advisable to use a varied color scheme for a room because it can make a small room look and feel cluttered.

3. Lighting

Good light is suitable for a room with a minimalist feel. With the right light can produce a perfect minimalist atmosphere for a room or house.

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4. Window

The window must be left open so that sunlight can enter spatial during the daytime. White curtains allow more privacy and wooden windows suitable for natural colors.

Many designers choose to enlarge the window as much as possible as this increases the amount of light in the room.

5. Decoration and Accessories

Storage space is also a key element, the goods are not so useful can be stored in the room.

Candles are perfect for a minimalist room for about providing natural lighting.


When designing a room with a minimalist look, it is important to use natural colors/neutral, so that the room can look big and clean. A minimalist design can increase the feeling of calm.

The rooms are designed using the principles of minimalism can be easily cleaned and save maintenance costs.

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