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This home mixed-use, half-coffee, half-house, designed by architects from the office Ikimono revolves around the relationship between exterior and interior.

The client specifically requested that the principle of the design was a direct connection to the outside. The exterior consists of two rectangular volumes and perpendicular to each other. Each of these forms has a different program to accommodate the dual needs of the customer.

The ground floor of the two bodies is pretty open but narrower on the residential side, for a transition toward a more isolated home. The living room on the second level is very different from the other spaces, using the finest materials and creating a greater sense of containment and privacy.

The client is a specialist in metallurgy and therefore made of stainless steel materials, such as stairs, kitchens, and exterior soffits.

The selection of exterior metal cladding was also the choice of the customer and due to the lack of physical barriers posed by design, this material was also used as a tool of transition between the different spaces.

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