Benefits of Tea Powder For House Cleaning

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Bag or tea powder, it turns out not only provide good benefits for the health of those who diligently consume body. Tea powder long been known to be a supplement commonly used household cleaners. As reported Boldsky pages, the following five benefits that are owned by the powder or tea bag.

1. Removing Stains Toilet

A used tea bag can be used to clean the stain attached to the toilet.

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2. Caring and Cleaning Carpet

Tea powder can be used to clean the carpet, by sprinkling on the surface. After settling approximately 15 minutes, the carpet will certainly smelling fresh.

3. Maintaining Color Wood Floor

To maintain the color of the wood flooring, black tea powder is the most appropriate choice.

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4. Polishing Furniture

Water steeping tea, it can also be used for polishing furniture.

5. Cleaning the Mirror

To make the window and the mirror looks more clear, rub half a tea bag still wet on the surface of the mirror.

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