CODA by Stanisic Associates

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CODA has an iconic presence in the urban setting due to its distinctive curved form, environmental metallic louver screen which wraps around the street edge and the cantilevered, wing-like, floating roof.

The building design focuses on passive design principles to generate a breathing and tempered environment for living.

The architectural concept for CODA is a slender, honeycomb framework that wraps around the curved corner site and creates a common courtyard.

The curved eastern end of the site is a distinctive characteristic of the area. It was generated by the movement of trams in the suburb in the early 20th century and is visible looking south along Johnston Avenue and west along Epsom Road. It complements the existing curved building at the southwest corner of the intersection.

CODA is located on Epsom Road, Gooseberry, a noisy through road, at the southern edge of Green Square. CODA is within easy walking distance of the Green Square Rail Station, established bus routes, and shops along Botany Road.

The site is adjacent to the Eastern Distributor and is easily accessible by car to the city and eastern suburbs beaches. The surrounding industrial fabric is being transformed as part of the Green Square Urban Renewal Area.

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CODA by Stanisic Associates
CODA by Stanisic Associates2

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CODA by Stanisic Associates3
CODA by Stanisic Associates4

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