How to Choose a Kitchen Supplier

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Choosing the correct kitchen supplier is always a stressful task. You may like the images you see on the many online stores or the perfect examples in the retail park showrooms, but how do you know that your finished kitchen will measure up? With our handy questions and hints, you will be able to put your mind at ease.

Does the supplier have any images of completed kitchens?

You may fall head over heels in love with a kitchen in a showroom, but the finished product can often look very different when installed in your own house. Kitchen supplier showrooms are lit in a certain way to ensure that the fittings look exactly as they should, and obviously, your house may be dark or an awkward shape, so the effect may not be the same.

Therefore, we recommend asking the supplier to provide you with pictures of finished versions of your favorite kitchen. Then you can see how it works in other people’s homes, while also checking the consistency of the finish.

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What accreditations do the kitchen fitters have?

You could choose the greatest kitchen in the world, but if the fitter isn’t up to scratch, you can still end up with a sub-standard end product. A good way to check the competency of those responsible is to check if the fitter has the relevant qualifications in their field.

If they hold FIRA Gold Installation Certification, for example, this is a good indication that your fitters should be able to fit your chosen kitchen quickly and effectively.

Get a selection of quotes

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It is very easy to become over-enamoured with the first kitchen you see. Dive straight in, though, and you’ll have no idea if what you are paying is the going rate for a kitchen in this style. The best practice is to visit a variety of showrooms, and retrieve quotes for a fit based as close to the same specifications as possible.

This way, you will be able to see if you are being ripped off, or work out why some suppliers are comparatively cheap. The usual reason is poor materials and labor costs.

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Take online reviews with a pinch of salt

Above all else, do not hold online reviews in too high regard. This thread on the Screwfix community for example provides hugely varying reports of one supplier from the great to the terrible. Customer reviews can be useful, but from such forums, you are only getting one side of the story, with the supplier very rarely being able to argue their case.

Also, how many times have you taken to the internet to wax lyrical about the fantastic service you have received? Most people only write when they are not happy.