How to Design in a French Country Style

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Whether you find rustic elegance appealing to your eyes or want to feel like you’re permanently on vacation, the French country style can bring warmth and charm to your home. Inspired by the Provence region in France, this style is known for finishes that are both refined and natural, ornate and relaxed. Follow these tips to implement French country in your own space.

How to Design in a French Country Style

Walls and Floors

Walls in the French country style are often neutral colors like shades of white, light brown or gray that evoke colors of natural materials. Adding an accent wall with a texture like brick, stone or shiplap in these colors is a great way to add interest and rustic flair to a room. For flooring, consider natural or natural-looking wood or stone that have a weathered look.

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Like most finishes in this style, French country furniture should have a lived-in appearance. Light- to mid-tone, traditional wood pieces are common, and painted pieces should be in neutral colors. Upholstered furniture should be luxurious with plush cushions. The French country style doesn’t use clean lines, so try to choose furniture that’s more ornate with curved lines. Natural materials are best.

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Opt for decorating accents that are rustic and even botanical. With that said, French country allows you to blend pieces that are both natural and elegant, vintage and modern. If you want to add an accent color throughout your space, you can choose almost any color as long as the shade is warm and rich. You could also utilize patterns like gingham, stripes and florals to add color and incorporate your own taste.

If you’re redecorating or looking for a new style, French country will make your space classy without sparing coziness. By implementing natural finishes, warm colors and weathered, ornate pieces, you can bring the French countryside into your home.

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