How to Protect Your Important Papers

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As you look for ways to protect your valuables, you may nearly overlook your important paperwork. While you most likely have expensive jewelry insured, electronics backed up with passwords and plenty of strong locks on your home’s doors and windows, your paperwork may not be similarly protected. In particular, you should consider how you can best secure your birth, marriage and divorce certificates, passport, will, social security card and other papers that are incredibly personal to you.

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Rent a Safe Deposit Box

Probably the safest option is to rent a safe deposit box at your local bank or credit union and to store your most important papers there. These rooms are incredibly secure and safe from fires and natural disasters. However, it will not be as easy to access papers here as it is in the privacy and ease of your own home.

How to Protect Your Important Papers

Invest in a Fireproof Safe

Therefore, you may want to invest in your own fireproof safes in Denver, CO. These safes are easy, convenient and perfectly sized for your home. Plus, they are incredibly secure in the midst of many natural disasters, such as floods and fires. Another option is to store originals in a safe deposit box while keeping copies in your own fireproof safe.

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Shred What You Can

While you may not think of destroying paperwork as a way to keep it safe, it can be incredibly effective. Many papers can be shredded shortly after you receive them, such as credit card bills, checking account statements and other bills that are not needed for proof on your taxes. By shredding this paperwork, you are protecting much of your personal information from would-be identity thieves.

You need to have a plan in place for protecting your information long before disaster happens. By protecting this critical information, you are protecting yourself from identity theft, keeping important legal and governmental paperwork safe and giving yourself an easy option to rebuild your life should you go through a disaster or hardship.

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