How To Water Your Lawn

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The task of watering your lawn may seem like a simple one but you would be surprised just how many people are doing it wrong. Yes, believe it or not, there are right ways and wrong ways to water your lawn. Here are some tips on how to do it properly.

1. Watering of the lawn should be done in either the very early morning or the late evening. The cooler air and low-wind actually aid in even water distribution.

The ideal times of day when watering should occur are between 8 am to 9 am and 10 pm to midnight.

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2. Take the time to analyze and learn about the water needs of your lawn.

Variables that will contribute to water intake will include the species of the grass, the temperature, the overall health of the lawn, and the type of soil. Grasses that prefer cool seasons such as bluegrass or fescue will need approximately one and a half inches per week but may require up to two and a quarter inches during the hotter season.

Grasses that are more resistant to droughts such as buffalo grass and blue grama can actually survive for weeks without the need for water.

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3. A healthy lawn will have grass with roots that reach down about 6 inches. The best way to keep the lawn healthy and resistant to a disease is to water the lawn very deeply but also infrequently to avoid drowning the lawn with too much water.

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4. Don’t let the grass turn brown before taking the time to water it. As soon as you notice a change such as footprints staying visible for an hour or more, it is time to water the lawn again.

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