Kitchen Designs for a Modern Home

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Kitchen is one of the most important parts of our house. Dubbed as the “heart of the home”, this is an area of the house where people bond and spend time together. Aside from its main roles as a food storage area, food preparation area and sometimes dining area, it has also become a place where families interact and spend some time together as they bond through cooking and eating.

Given the important roles of the kitchen, it is no wonder that a lot of people are looking to improve their kitchens by picking the right kitchen designs. In order to get the perfect ambiance, you need to keep in mind the color of the walls, the arrangement of the pieces of furniture and appliances that you are going to put in the room, as well as the kitchen designs and kitchen styles that are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

The usual philosophy behind any kitchen design is called the “kitchen work triangle”. This notion takes into consideration the three main functions of a kitchen, namely food storage, food preparation, and cooking. It also states that there should be a triangular arrangement between the three main kitchen basics—sink, refrigerator, and stove—so that the work in one place would not interfere with the other.

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The “kitchen work triangle” principle led to the five kitchen designs that are commonly found in modern homes. The first kitchen style is the single-file kitchen (also called a one-way galley). This design has the sink, stove, and refrigerator along one wall.

This is usually found in homes that are limited in space (such as in-studio apartments). The second kitchen style is the double-file kitchen (also called a two-way galley). This design is the classic work kitchen, wherein two rows of cabinets can be found on opposite walls, one with the stove and the sink and the other one with the refrigerator.

The third kitchen style is the L-kitchen, where kitchen cabinets are placed within two adjacent walls. This kitchen design is more spacious compared to the first two that were mentioned. The fourth kitchen style is the U-kitchen. This is similar to the L-kitchen but the only difference is that the kitchen cabinets are placed along three walls and the sink is located at the base.

The fifth kitchen style is called the blocked kitchen (also known as the island). This is usually found in open kitchens, wherein the stove is accessible to all sides of the room. This is also perfect for those who want to entertain guests in the kitchen.

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Modern kitchen designs also allow people to eat in the kitchen, thus the emergence of breakfast nooks and breakfast bars (or sometimes called eat-in kitchens). This has become the trend since a lot of people are always on the go, making them ditch the formal dining rooms and prefer this buffet style of meal to eat breakfast and snacks.

Kitchens play a vital role in people’s homes, that is why it is important to give attention to its design and style. Getting the right ambiance will definitely make a huge impact on you and your family.