Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser

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The house L comes from a former 18-century greenhouse that originally was part of a castle in Yvelines, France. The original structure of heritage features would be integrated into an existing home that housed a family with four children and whose space had become too small for its members. For these reasons, it was responsible for the development of the project by French architect Christian Pottgiesser.

Result of an ongoing debate between architect and client, the program took shape considering the significant limitations of their location. Three perimeters surrounded by historical monuments, the obligation to maintain gabled roofs, the conservation of a sewage network that divides the garden, and the family members’ desire each have their personal space. While the greenhouse is not an obvious part of the project and merges with the new operation, adding to the original house is connected with the old building on the east side.

Built on a hillside, the building contains spaces rock of the family and keeps them rooted to the ground level. From there, five white concrete towers with pine wood accents, visually stand out from the solid flag. The roof of the database is accessible from the slope and is covered with perennial vegetation, bamboo poles stuck in the ground form a natural border in the form of railings for patios between towers.

Each family member has its own tower with an entrance area and a bedroom. The tower of the parents, the largest among the five, also has a covered patio and from there, you get a privileged view of the project’s total development. Besides connecting all the towers of the whole, common areas give a pleasing interior environment, naturally lit by daylight through skylights in the roof drilling. Constructed concrete block and masonry provide thermal mass, allowing towers to retain heat in winter and be cool in the summer.

Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser

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Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser1
Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser2

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Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser3

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