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Meng House, a reconstruction project of a private home which is located in east of an association of community village in Jinan in Shandong province, there are mountains that have a good landscape angle. The original building, the new home that delivered.

This community is typical basic nature is built with universal development of Chinese homes imitation Western architectural style. Based on the situation above, the architect focused on the reconstruction of the design using the original built form and landscape to meet the physical demands of the owner and current conditions.

Due to the overall style and use of mimicking the Western-style building has no internal connection to the local nature and the humanities, the reconstruction itself does not have many styles and hypothesis-style instead of making space and landscape in accordance with original building completed in the spaces of outdoor activities, seeking to improve the spatial quality of the building. Facing the defining fact about the original construction, new extensions are not trying to deny or affirm the style.

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The design and reputation don’t followed the western style imitation, nor proposed something new and different in style. Drove a form of juxtaposition and took a height to create a new spatial form of space. Spread a wooden box and a glass case in the different floor, which the elongation of the spacious interior and exterior.

The architects are tempted to expose the geographical superiority of this land, creating a dynamic space between the inner and outer ends in the space of the landscape for the benefit of making the interior space spread out and echoing with the tops to relate the unique mountainous interior and exterior.

After the new construction, architects can re-evaluate and respect the essential meaning of style and form of the building for the life of the people and should seek to contain in a space that comfortable for most in real life. Above all, we can rebuild in a healthy way according to our concept characteristic of cultural life and take this as the turning point for proposing a question, a question of meaning to blind and simply mimic an unclear time region and in the architectural style for the environment and human beings in the present housing situation in China.

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