Pay Attention To This Before Painting The House

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The choice of the color of the walls of a house is often influenced by the tastes and preferences of the occupants so that it is more comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

This indicates that people tend to prioritize visual or aesthetic appearance compared to the use of rooms that are painted.

In fact, technically choosing the color of wall paint should be prioritized because it deals with the function and use of the room.

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Color is a part of aesthetics or visual, even though what is more important is technically choosing colors, not aesthetics. Sometimes people are more visual or aesthetic, but forget the technique.

Pay Attention To This Before Painting The House

According to him, the technicality of choosing the color of the paint on the walls of the house is considered important because it deals with maintenance carried out regularly.

Residents of the house must consider it from the outset to build a house so that later they will not experience difficulties in treatment.

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Some of the problems that usually occur in wall paint are easily dirty, cracked, peeled off, and not durable.

Do not choose colors that are difficult to clean, easy to dirty, not durable, or bad.

For example, Diana mentions more neutral colors, such as white, light brown, and gray, suitable to be applied in the living room.

Then, in the family room you can use warmer colors, for example cream, light brown with accents that arouse appetite, such as orange, brick red, and yellow.

Then, for the bedroom, a soothing color palette deserves to be applied, such as white, light blue, light brown, and light gray.

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