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The Deep South never really cools off to a point where you can turn off your air conditioner for the season. You may be using your AC all the way into December and January because of how muggy the weather can get.

The constant use of your AC, however, puts wear and tear on the system. You might need to have it inspected, maintained, and serviced on a regular basis to make sure it performs as needed. You can keep it in good condition by hiring a contractor who specializes in inspections, maintenance, and ac repair in Fort Myers, FL.

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Making the Needed Repairs

Using your air conditioner year-round compromises the amount of Freon you have in the system. You might take for granted that this coolant will always be plentiful in the appliance. In reality, each time you turn on the AC, you use more and more of it until eventually it is depleted entirely.

When your system seems to be blowing out hot air, it is time to call a contractor who can come and find out how much Freon is left in the coolant well. He or she can determine if it is time to fill the Freon back up and pour in the needed amount to get the system back up and running.

It can be critical that you entrust this job to a professional. While Freon is sold at most hardware and big-box stores, it is not necessarily intended for use in home AC units. Rather than put in a coolant that is not designed for your air conditioner, you can make sure you get the right kind and amount by entrusting its refill to a licensed and experienced AC contractor.

The hot and muggy year-round weather in Florida means you rarely get the chance to turn off your air conditioner. You may use it every month of the year even during the wintertime. You can keep the system running as expected by taking good care of it. You can have it repaired, maintained, and inspected regularly to ward off damages and depleted Freon.

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