Simple Ways to Make Rustic Oak Floors Stand Out

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After rustic oak flooring is harvested from trees, the materials have holes. In order to make every slab appealing, people who supply rustic oak flooring implement procedures to fill these holes. As a result, a typical piece of rustic oak is very smooth; however, the fillings that give the wood the silky texture are sometimes visible.

When rustic oak wood is cared for properly, it maintains its smooth, beautiful, attraction properties. If you want your oak to stand out for many years, you can protect it by following few simple steps.

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Use Protective Products the Wood Outdoors

Rustic oak that’s stored outdoors can develop some cosmetic problems if water soaks the grains. A chemical reaction happens after water seeps through oak because oak material has high tannin content. As a result, a blackening process happens after a lot of water covers a rustic oak slab. If you want to build something using rustic oak outdoors in a rainy climate, you can block moisture by treating the material with water-resistant paint.

Another environmental element that can harm oak is sunlight. When UV rays shine directly on a piece of oak, the color of the material changes to a silver tone. In order to keep your oak slabs brown, you’ll need to coat the material with a heat-resistant stain product, such as Osmo 420 Extra.

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Strategies for Applying Oil on Oak Wood

If you’re going to rub oil on rustic oak to protect it, you must sand the material with sandpaper that has 150 grit. Sandpaper that has a finer grit shouldn’t be used as it won’t provide practical results. By sanding the material, you’ll open the pores on the wood. While the pores are opened, the oil will seep through the wood more efficiently, and the oil will provide a higher level of protection.

Rustic oak wood flooring can wow a crowd if it’s maintained properly. If you need sandpaper for a prep routine, you can acquire it from a local hardware store.

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