The Present Interior Design Trend

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Interior Design today has grown so rapidly through the boundaries of the state and age. Interior Design is no longer considered a monumental work of an architect but has changed into a commodity needed by everyone and serve as a status symbol.

The interior is the inside of a building as a result of an architect or interior designer. In the growth of interior design has developed rapidly and successfully penetrate the boundaries of the state and age.

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By utilizing the results of technological invention, the level of social and economic life to the political influence has managed to transform the interior into a commodity function needed by the consumer so that its development is determined by demand and trends prevailing in the market.

Anytime, anywhere can be created atmosphere Japan, medieval ambiance, atmosphere Modern Traditional, Classic, Antique and so on, depending on what the customer wants or depending on the foresight of the designers in creating a trend that will be displayed or being in.

We can not stop these changes to impose our own will, for example, the interior must use batik or carving the so-called people of Indonesia.

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We are aware that any changes will be followed by a tendency to find a balance, thus was born the new forms and this is true in all aspects of human life with its culture.

Actions or human behavior will change the environment and vice versa environment also influences the nature and pattern of human life. Such circumstances will occur repeatedly and each time will change the values that have been established.

It is difficult to determine the limits of time and changes in the levels of certainty because of the phenomena that take place through a shift in the period.

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