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The Westside project is a new center for walking, leisure, and shopping in Bern-Brunnen, based on an urban scale architecture, the project comprises a total of 140 thousand square meters less addition to 55 shops, 10 restaurants, and bars, hotels, cinemas, healing baths and houses, this mixed-use building, has a program radically reinvented a concept focused on shopping, entertainment, and everyday life.

Since opening in October 2008, Westside has received a record number of visitors – 1.5 million in the first three months – and now is about 15,000 to 25,000 visitors per day. The Westside project is a joint partnership with ADL and Burckhardt & Partner, Bern with Rhomberg Bau AG / Strabag AG and was completed in October 2008.

The westside project by daniel libeskind1
The westside project by daniel libeskind2
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Westside is one of a kind – a complex mixture of plants retail, residential, and recreational facilities – an urban marketplace full of experiences that attracts visitors of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. With its impressive location above the A1 highway, its direct connection to the tram and Bernmobil transport network, Westside is a meeting place for the entire region of Bern. The development creates an exciting gateway to the city of Berne, which dramatically positioned on the main road and is part of the city with its own exit from the motorway and train stop.

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The Westside project creates a unique integration of architecture and landscape-scale, urban. The facade of several layers of wood connecting the city area to the field, emphasizing the Westside as a major destination. Banks cut at right angles and cross constructed from a support network of concrete of 8.10 x 8.10 meters, create sophisticated rooms and external areas generate different Westside.

The concept of Westside was to create a public space with facilities for day and night, a self-enclosed district offering endless amenities and services, almost like a city within a city. Westside is not only a milestone, but an urban organism that attracts the surrounding region, becoming a place of excursions, meetings and seminars, and entertainment. This mixed-use complex has all the comforts and services of an independent city, but at the same time is integrated into the city due to its location and easy access to all modes of public transport in Bern.

The mall is the backbone of public space, offering a wide variety of shops and restaurants. The two seats have individual identities. A square, reflecting the day, is oriented toward the landscape and opens at the other end. The other plaza, reflecting the night, connects to the cinema and the hotel while providing atmosphere for night life and restaurants.

The steel and concrete building has been designed as a trapezoidal crystal where the structure creates openings, galleries and arcades, shops, and catering facilities. The interior is almost entirely white cast. The grid structure of the glass is covered with sheets of zinc at the points where it cuts the facade and roof. The pattern of shopping alleys is never the same and is not closed. The northern part of the mall leading to the concourse of the train station, the main residence, the hotel, and the landscape.

The westside project by daniel libeskind4
The westside project by daniel libeskind3

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