Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect

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As its name suggests, this book is based on a three-line geometry. Each line has a different length, the two main delimit the property. The most acute angle pointing to the west coast of Ostional, Guanacaste. The project’s strength lies in a system that mixes a contrast between full and empty spaces, both horizontal and vertical, marked by a solid element that surrounds and fades until it visually blends with your natural environment . In the same way the entrance is marked by a large gray, with elegance and sobriety that shows access to an open and transparent.

Crossing the threshold, the space is expressed through double height ending in a skylight that illuminates water as it flows smoothly. The rooms, the circulation and nature come together in a concept of lightness and transparency through the absence of solid, while the ladder comes slightly on the basis of a single stroke between levels. The conceptual exploration to boost the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces generates fully open to the outside, allowing a combination of perception of the first level, causing a sense of immersion.

The architectural look through your space lines angles and contrast their time free of orthogonality, thus expressing the dynamism of the few walls that make up the residence. The use of color and texture materials is subject to the integration and creation of a contrast with the environment at the same time. This ranges from the shade chosen for the windows volume conceptualization of language and its features.

Within this framework the different areas acquire their own language, general maintenance, influenced by the architectural proposal, however has its particular variations that improve spatial quality. The joints in the kitchen make this a social space, but is out to achieve a clean and minimalist. Subsequently, and at the end of the first level visual path, striking the sea that blends with swimming pool and infinity edge.

The upper level continues to have a close relationship with its panoramic view of the sea, framed by the hidden evidence showing the way of construction of the project. El Mirador also excels in function of the pool and is perceived as an object that is part of the landscape.

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Similarly there is an interest to reduce the impact to the environment, in order to be compatible with it while saving energy. These are the main reasons why there is a working implementation of solar panels to heat water, temperature control monitors, which crown the increased use spaces, such as the kitchen and master bedroom allow air extraction heat provided through the natural air cross flow, thus minimizing the use of air conditioning.

Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect1
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect7

The same applies to the selection window where sliding windows allow maximum aperture. Thus the bio-control air-conditioning plays a fundamental role in the project, such as overhangs help to reduce sunlight and protection work as heavy and constant rains typical of the area.

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Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect9
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect8
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect6
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect5
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect4
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect3
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect2
Triangle Apartment by Ecostudio Architect

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