Williams Studio by gh3

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The study of a photographer on a shed in the Stony Lake is a re-imagining of the archetype of the glass house in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of the idea on the architectural ambition, allowing the central concept of the house is re-conceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, program, field and comfort.

The irresistible qualities of simple, open spaces, plus the exterior and interior unity, and clarity of the materials are completely transformed to improve environmental performance and building program, creating iconic resonance architecture and a context-driven design innovative.

The program envisions a building as a window facing north: the life / work of a photographer and a film location that is continuously bathed in natural light diffuse and interminable. The transparent facade, a glass curtain wall with steel frame, becomes the essential element in the photographic equipment to produce images unattainable by conventional study.

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The availability and accuracy of dealing with northern light in the double-height space, natural lighting irregular delivery, while the clarity of the glass transforms the land and surrounding views in a sublime background.

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