Bae Ro Na Biological Father

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Bae Ro Na Father Was unidentifed from the first Season Of Penthouse War in Life. All We Know that Her Mom, Oh Yoon Hee was a Single Parent who raised Bae Ro Na By Herself Since Ro Na Baby.

The Only clue about Bae Ro Na Father was unveil (Even Just A little bit) When Oh Yoon Hee’s Mother In Law Came up right after Oh Yoon Hee Moved to Hera Palace. She wanted to embarrass Yoon Hee but She failed, Oh Yoon Hee Counter Her Mother In-Law’s attack. Oh Yoon Hee Told everyone that She’s struggling by herself to raise Bae ro na and stay alive, Therefore her Husband Left and her mother In Law was never care of Oh Yoon Hee and Bae Ro Na.

Oh Yoon Hee and Bae Ro Na life was pretty sad, Bae Ro Na Never ever Loved before by other people than Oh Yoon Hee Even Her Father left her since she was a baby. Was the man who left them was Bae Ro Na Biological Father?

By The Way When Bae ro na was Killed, Ha Eun Byeol was one of the suspect Who Killed Bae Ro Na. At that time, Ha Eun Byeol Dad’s ; Ha Yoon Chul, Was married to Oh Yoon Hee But Ha Yoon Chul Still Love Ha Eun Byeol Like Father-Like Daughter. To Cover up Ha Eun Byeol’s Doing, Ha Yoon Chul Turn Himself in, Confess his guilt and he ended up in Jail.

When Oh Yoon Hee Visits Ha Yoon Chul, She brings the signed Divorcement paper and Tells The shocking thing. She Said That Bae Ro Na is Ha Yoon Chul’s Daughter And Ha Yoon Chul is Bae Ro Na Biological Father. Ha Yoon Chul and Oh Yoon Hee were a Couple of lover when they’re young. But Ha Yoon Chul Choosing Cheon Seo Jin Because she promised Ha Yoon Chul to get the Entry access so he can Study in the Medical Insitute.

When He Dumped Oh Yoon Hee, Oh Yoon Hee was pregnant. And That was Bae Ro Na.

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