Doom At Your Service Episode 6 Recap – Myul Mang’s Disappear!

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Doom At Your Service Episode 6

This Episode Begins with the continued scene from the previous episode, Myul Mang And Dong Kyung Watched a Ceremony from upon hill. They witness something that going to disappear, The Tradition.

Myul Mang Told Dong Kyung, That she can Love Him if she can. But Dong Kyung Had another thought if Myul Mang Loving her, That’s a mistake and Myul Mang going to be punished. Myul Mang can Disappear then, and She said she’s not okay with that. Dong Kyung Maybe can wish to survive from the illness and staying alive, but someone she loved will die instead of her. If Myul Mang and her are in love, Myul Mang will die.

Doom At Your Service Episode 6

Myul mang asking isn’t his offer is good enough that she can stay alive then But Dong Kyung Said Again that her purpose is not to stay alive, But she want to live a happy life. She sees that Myul Mang is a Good Guy, Seeing him disappear instead of her being saved from her illness isn’t a good idea for her.

When They’re arrived home, Dong Kyung want to sleep in her own room to detach Myul Mang, Myul Mang Insist to Sleep together but Dong Kyung Refuse. Then Myul mang said that he will doing something to her house, So Dong Kyung Finally sleep on her Sofa.

Dong Kyung Asked him, is he really know what is love Like what he said previously, He said that he doesn’t know. He just want to do it as his thank of what Dong Kyung did for him (In The End Of Doom At Your Service Episode 4, Dong Kyung Put her back on Myul Mang when he almost stabbed by the criminal at hospital). Dong Kyung Told him “Forget it…”

In The Other Day, Ye-Ji and Dong Kyung going to the cafe. Ye Ji Tells Dong Kyung that there’s a new hot guy in the cafe as an employee. Dong Kyung Asked her to find a Jerk who really deserve to die (Maybe she wanted to see other guy to love, to keep Myul Mang’s Existence).

After they’re get there Dong Kyung found that the guy who mentioned by Ye-Ji before was Tak Dong Kyung’s brother, Tak Sun Kyung. Sun Kyung And Dong Kyung are Having a conversation, Tak Sung Kyung seems really worried and concerned about what happen to Dong Kyung.

In the Office, Cha Joo Ik gave a mandatory to Dong Kyung. The publishing had announce the next episode of web novel that is written by Young Prince, but he can’t reach Young prince also Young prince’s mom also don’t know where is he. Dong Kyung demanded to find him and write that episode.

Ji Na was sealed the deal contract with Cha Joo ik. She asked a question, Is that contract is based on a pity like he used to kiss her long time ago. Joo ik Said that he is sincere, He saw the good potential in Na Ji Na. He set the next meeting in Ji Na’s Studio.

Doom At Your Service Episode 6

Dong Kyung take Sun Kyung to hospital to take the medical check, she worried about her brothers that too worried of her and she’s also worried that her illness is a genetic. She worried if he will be sick after Dong Kyung’s death. But still, The doctor keep recommend her to take the treatment to stay alive. The doctor is a writer too, And Dong kyung was his editor. He wish that he can keep working with her.

Then Dong Kyung Walked outside while waithing Sun Kyung’s Check Up is complete. There she met again with Sonyeoshin (The girl, Played By Jeong Ji-So), Dong Kyung ever Met her in the bus stop. She greet Dong kyung and asked her to open a bottle and they had a conversation. then before leaving, the Sonyeoshin give her a marble (Maybe it’s the symbol of world. that soon she may have to choose, The World Or Myul Mang).

In The hospital, some people gossiping about ghost doctor. They witness the different look of the doctor. After Tak Sun Kyung Done the medical check, he meant to take a picture of Him, Dong kyung and Myul Mang. Dong Kyung surprised with the picture that captured, Myul Mang looks completely different. That’s the new facts, People see Myul Mang in the different Look. Only Dong Kyung who can see the real face of Myul Mang.

On the way back home, Dong Kyung see such stage that she sees the Young Prince was there. Young Prince auditioned for a talent show, Dong Kyung and her colleagues wonder how can he join the audition when he is under the Contract with the publishing. Then Dong Kyung had a conversation with Ye-Ji, She said that she found a “jerk who deserve to die” as Dong Kyung requested before.

Then They come to a blind date, that guy is coming but with Myul Mang. Myul mang was there as Ye-Ji’s Lover, Myul mang Hypnotized people as always and take out Dong Kyung. Myul Mang Keep saying her to love him, Dong Kyung Still say “NO”.

Cha Joo Ik and Ji Na had a meeting, But Ji Na is seems hurry. Cha Joo Ik said it’s okay to end the meeting before 9 o’clock (He knew that Ji Na will attend the school reunion to meet Lee Hyun Kyu) . When He’s about to leave, He sees an umbrella behind Ji Na’s door. He take it because it belongs to him (He used to share the umbrella with Ji Na In the past, The moment when He kissed Ji Na).

Ji Na comes to a place to meet her school friends, She’s the only girl who attend the reunion. When She leave, Lee Hyun Kyu offered her a ride but Ji Na Refuse.

Doom At Your Service Episode 6

Dong Kyung On her way back home, Rain fall when she’s in the bus. When she dropped at the bus stop, She meet Myul Mang. Dong Kyung Saying to herself, why her life is always rained. Why doesn’t she has such Umbrella. Myul Mang Take her running, and they’re completely soaked under the rain. then they’re stopped by, Myul Mang Tells Dong Kyung that Rain isn’t that bad.

All She needs to do is Run and get soak. Keep going and get home, Why need an Umbrella? Dong Kyung looks amazed and Finally telling her wish, She wanted Myul Mang to Love Her. Then They’re Kissing.

Doom At Your Service Episode 6 Recap
Doom At Your Service Episode 6

In the other place Sonyeoshin said that if there’s an error part in a system, That part should be deleted… or reset. Then Myul Mang Disappear.


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