Joo Dan Tae Ringtone At The Day Bae Ro Na Was Killed

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Ha Eun Byeol Heard The Ringtone

Joo Dan Tae Ringtone that heard by Ha Eun Byeol when Ha Eun Byeol want to hurt Bae Ro Na in Cheong A Art Academy Festival is questionable. So Many People courage what is the title of the music of Joo Dan Tae’s Ringtone.

We know That In Penthouse War In Life Season 2 Episode 6, Bae Ro Na is Tortured by Ha Eun Byeol With the trophy, Ro Na Falling down the stairs and reported die. After that moment, People accused that Ha Eun Byeol Killed Bae Ro Na. Ha Eun Byeol herself feels guilt and depress Until his Father, Ha Yoon Chul Give the medical treatment so Ha Eun Byeol can’t remember about the moment She tortured Bae Ro na.

Ha Eun Byeol Harmed Bae Ro Na
Ha Eun Byeol torn Bae Ro Na

But After A few moments passed, Ha Eun Byeol’s Memories are remains to the Day Bae Ro Na Falling Down The Stairs In Penthouse Season 2 Episode 10. After Arguing with Her Mom, Cheon Seo Jin Eun Byeol Told her Mom that She didn’t mean to kill Bae Ro Na. It’s True That Eun Byeol Slap the trophy to Bae Ro Na that makes Bae ro na’s arm bleeding And Falling Down The Stairs. But That time, Ha Eun Byeol Heard A Phone ringing And runaway.

Ha eun Byeol Didnt Mean to kill Bae Ro Na
Ha Eun Byeol Heard Joo Dan Tae Ringtone
Ha Eun Byeol Heard Joo Dan Tae Ringtone

The Ringtone is belong to Joo Dan Tae, That’s Happen when Joo Dan Tae pick up the phone from Na Ae Gyo. When Ha Eun Byeol Runaway, Joo Dan Tae See Bae Ro Na Bleeding On the stairs. She was still Alive And Ro Na Asks Joo Dan Tae to call her mom, Oh Yoon Hee. Joo Dan Tae didn’t Help her but Stab her with the part of the broken Trophy that is left by Ha Eun Byeol.

Joo Dan Tae Before attempt murder bae ro Na
Joo Dan Tae Before attempt murder Bae Ro Na
Bae Ro na is still alive
Bae Ro na is Still Alive

Joo Dan Tae Ringtone Title

Cheon Seo Jin that Just Recently married to Joo Dan Tae is find out Another Joo Dan Tae’s Phone Ringing. She remembered What Eun Byeol Told her, She head back home to ensure and Asked Ha Eun Byeol about What kind of Ringtones that she heard wheN Ro Na Falling Down the Stairs. Eun Byeol Singing The Notes of that Ringtone, And Cheon Seo Jin Sure that Her daughter didn’t kill Bae ro Na. The Killer is Joo Dan Tae!

Mi fa sol Fa Mi Mi
Mi re ti re mi

Back to Joo Dan Tae Ringtone, What is the title of That Music? The title of Music is Dvorak Symphony No. 9 “From The New World” 4th Movement.

Yes, This Serial Drama is Full of Luxury stuff including the music. The Classical music is one of the Conflicts here, Cheon Seo Jin (Ha Eun Byeol’s Mom) and Oh Yoon Hee (Bae Ro Na’s Mom) have such past conflict when they were at the Cheong A Art Academy, They were compete each other to get The Best Soprano Title. And recently Their kids are also become a rival because the same cause.

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