Joo Dan Tae Secretary

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People spot Joo Dan Tae Secretary as the one who clean up the mess that was made by Joo Dan Tae and he always become such a Punchbag when He failed the task.

He is Secretary Cho, The man who always be loyal to Joo Dan Tae whatever it takes. He becomes Joo Dan Tae Bodyguard since the late secretary, Yoon Tae Jo ended up his life because he was Revealed some secrets to Shim Su Ryeon.

Joo Dan Tae’s First Secretary/Bodyguard, Yoon Tae Joo

Yoon Tae Jo Played by Lee Cheol Min. He was the one who got the commands from Joo Dan Tae to kill Shim Su Ryeon’s Baby But Mr. Yoon Took that baby to the Orphanage House and He also didn’t know that the baby will be Min Seol Ah.

Besides, Mr. Yoon Helped Shim Su Ryeon To Swap The dead Body of Min Seol Ah with anonymous. The Anonymous Labelled as Min Seol Ah got the Crematory, And the Real Min Seol ah dead body got an autopsy that Shim Su Ryeon find out the flash drive in Min Seol Ah’s Body.

The Doctor who did the autopsy Assume that the Min Seol Ah swallow that flash drive before She Died.

Joo Dan Tae Secretary The ‘Punchbag’, Secretary Cho

After Mr.Yoon Dissappear, Secretary Cho become the most loyal person who served Joo Dan Tae. He’s doing so many bad things to Cover and clean up Joo Dan Tae’s crime. Secretary Cho Played By Kim Dong Gyu.

Joo Seok Hoon And Secretary Cho
Joo Seok Hoon And Secretary Cho

After, People talked about the facts about his Age. Secretary Cho/Kim Dong Gyu is actually 2 years younger than Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae). Kim Young Dae Was Born In 1996, And Kim Dong Gyu Was born in 1994.

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