Joo Dan Tae Sing

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Joo Dan Tae Sing a cartoon theme song “Dooly The Little Dinosaur” When Oh Yoon Hee Trespassing Joo Dan Tae’s study room. The Original Lyric Of Dooly Theme Song was :

“요리보고 조리봐도 알수없는 둘리.. 둘리…”

Romanized : “Yolibogo jolibwado alsueobsneun Dooly.. Dooly..”

But Joo Dan Tae Change the Word of “Dooly” Into “Yoon-Hee”.

Dooly The Little Dinosaur’s theme song was Sounds cute but when Joo Dan Tae sing this song, it becomes creepy eventually.

That scene was in the end of Episode 7 Penthouse war in life season 2 and in the beginning of the 8th episode. Oh Yoon He wanted to know is there any secret space that can be used for a person to escape at the moment Shim Su Ryeon Killed In that Room Because she feels odd.

That’s the moment Of Oh Yoon Hee Get the call from Joo Dan Tae that she have to meet him suddenly, and she found that Shim Su Ryeon Dying and bleeding when she arrived Joo Dan Tae’s study room. That’s why Oh Yoon Hee Accused of killing Shim Su Ryeon.

Back To Joo Dan Tae Sing. Here is the clip of Joo Dan Tae singing the line of Dooly Theme Song :

And There is one more creative guy remixing that Joo Dan Tae Sing Into a dance Music :

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