Joo Dan Tae

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Joo Dan Tae Real Name

Joo Dan Tae was a Fictional character in Korean Drama entitled Penthouse : War In Life. The Role is played By Uhm Ki Joon, Joo Dan Tae Was a top Notch Land and property Businessman who lives in the luxurious building in Gangnam District Called Hera Palace. Joo Dan Tae Lives with his Wife Shim Su ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) and also his twins Children Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) and Joo Seok Kyung (Ju Ji Hyun).

Joo Dan Tae First Wife

The thing about Joo Dan Tae First Wife is seems Blurry, But the facts that revealed in Penthouse Season 2 is : Na Ae Gyo Was the birth mother of Joo Seok Hoon And Joo Seok Kyung, Just wondering are they (Joo dan Tae and Na Ae Gyo) married or not.

Na Ae Gyo has similar face like Shim Su Ryeon, We knew that In Season 1 Joo dan tae was forcing to marry Shim su Ryeon by killing Shim Su Ryeon‘s late husband. In that time, Joo dan tae has the twins children already and Shim Su Ryeon gave birth to a baby (Or Two) that Joo dan tae gave commands to his secretary to kill Shim Su Ryeon’s Baby But his secretary took the baby into an orphanage house that later the baby grown up as Min Seol Ah.

And Also Shim Su Ryeon has another child with Joo Dan Tae, She is Joo Hae in. Hae In Wasn’t born normal, Shim Su Ryeon‘s parents gave a land to Joo Hae In. Joo Dan Tae was meant to kill Hae In by harming her in the hospital to rule the Land but Shim Su Ryeon Faked Joo Hae in‘s death but She gave the medical treatment Until Joo Hae in is Still survive And Now She Lives in United States with Logan Lee (Park eun Seok).

In the Last episode of Season 1 , Shim Su Ryeon Was killed by Joo Dan Tae. And Na Ae Gyo was appeared in the middle of 2nd Season of Penthouse : War In Life. With the Incredible Plot twist of Penthouse, The truth was revealed that Na Ae Gyo in season 2 is actually Shim Su Ryeon. Yes, Shim Su Ryeon Is Still alive! and the one who have been killed in the end of Season 2 is Na Ae Gyo.

Na Ae Gyo wants to go abroad for a long time, Na Ae Gyo met Shim Su Ryeon and ask her to swap the outfit that she can meet her twin children with Shim Su Ryeon’s Look. unfortunately, Joo dan tae Planned to kill Shim Su Ryeon that time. And Joo Dan Tae didn’t Know that the one he killed is Na Ae Gyo, He only knew that he was killed Shim Su Ryeon.

After the truth revealed, Joo Dan Tae Crying For the first time ever. He just Can’t believe that he killed his beloved woman, Na Ae Gyo.

Joo Dan Tae Secretary

The One Who brightly catch the Spotlight As Joo Dan Tae’s Secretary is Secretary Cho (Kim Dong Gyu) In Penthouse : War In Life Season 2. But we have to remember that in The Season 1 , There was Yoon Tae Joo (Lee Chul Min) who become Joo Dan Tae’s Secretary. He’s The one who took the Baby Min Seol Ah to The Orphanage House. Read : Joo Dan Tae Secretary For the details.

Joo Dan Tae Secretary
Joo Dan Tae Secretary, Secretary Cho. Played by Kim Dong Gu

Joo Dan Tae Killed Min Seol Ah?

In the beginning of Penthouse Season 1 Framing is kind of Cheon Seo Jin or Joo dan tae who killed Min Seol Ah. But Shockingly, another truth was revealed in almost the end of Season 1 that the one who killed Min Seol Ah was Oh Yoon Hee.

Joo Dan Tae Ringtone

In Penthouse : War In Life Season 2, There was another Bloody incident during Cheong A Art Festival was held. When the winner announcement, Ha Eun Byeol Lose her mind and slap the trophy to Bae Ro Na’s arm until Bae ro Na Falling down the stairs and died.

People assuming that Ha Eun Byeol was the the only one who did that to Bae Ro Na, But actually Ha Aeun Byeol Runaway When Ro Na Falling Down The stairs and heard a phone ringtone that belong to Joo Dan Tae. And In that episode People got curious about Joo Dan Tae Ringtone , What’s the title of that music? Just Find out in This Link.

Joo Dan Tae Sing

Joo Dan Tae Singing a Nursery Song, Cartoon “Dooly The Little Dinosaur” Theme Song When Oh Yoon Hee trespassing His Study room. Oh Yoon He wanted to know is there any room or the way for a person to escape somewhere from that room.

That Study room is the place that Oh Yoon Hee Found Shim Su Ryeon Dying and then Oh Yoon Hee Falsely Accused of murdering Shim Su Ryeon in the end of Penthouse Season 1.

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