Oh Yoon Hee Killed Min Seol Ah

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Nobody Expect Oh Yoon Hee Killed Min Seol Ah But that’s the facts. In almost end of Penthouse War In Life Season 1, Oh Yoon Hee Regain her memory that she was in Hera palace at the night Min Seol Ah was died. In the beginning of the drama, many people points on Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin who responsible about Min Seol Ah’s Death.

Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin Was mean to Min Seol Ah Because she witnessed Them making out and record them by her phone. At the first, Min Seol Ah Blackmailed Cheon Seo Jin Because Cheon seo Jin did the bad thing for the Entry test Of Cheong Ah Art High School. Seo Jin Prioritize Her Daughter, Ha Eun Byeol at the first place. And Min Seol Ah Didn’t get the entry even though she’s talented. Af ter The Blackmail, Min Sol Ah was put into the waiting List.

Cheon Seo Jin Told Joo Dan Tae to clean up That mess. But at the same Time Oh Yoon Hee Also Needs Her Daughter, Bae Ro Na To Join Cheong Ah Art School. When there was a Party, Oh Yoon Hee Enter the Hera Palace And She was Totally Drunk. She Remember Nothing But After She Woke Up in the Morning, There is a announcement That Bae Ro Na has a chance to Enter cheong Ah Art high School in Waiting List Because Min Seol Ah, Was Dead.

Oh Yoon Hee Drunk In Hera Palace
Oh Yoon Hee Drunk In Hera Palace

After The Long Story, the truth was unveiled that the One Who Killed Min Seol Ah Was Oh Yoon Hee. But This Is Penthouse War In Life, And there is still one more season. The facts about Oh Yoon Hee Killed Bae Ro Na could be changed Because one and another matter.

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