Sell Your Haunted House Episode 10 Recap

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Daebak Realty’s Case In Episode 10

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 10 was a continue from the previous episode That Hong Ji Ah did an exorcism of an unrested spirit who previously a woman who got killed by a stalker.

The exorcism was succeed but This time Hong Ji Ah herself Absorbed the last memory of the unrested Spirit. Why Hong Ji Ah Absorb The Memory, Not Oh In Bum? The detailed was written In Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap.

The Stalker was released because the police found no evidence. Soo Jung become way more afraid because that man may coming for her some more, She’s Also resent herself that she can’t do anything since she saw that woman for the last time in the lift with that stalker.

Hong Ji Ah Who knows the detail of the murder scene, telling Soo Jung to not too blame herself. Also that the woman in lift was coming to save her from a suspicious man who followed Soo Jung. Ms Hong Tells her to stay strong, because the woman was risking her life for Soo Jung’s safety.

In The Next Day, Soo Jung come to Hong Ji ah with a plan and she asked a favor to Hong Ji Ah. Soo Jung Wanted to lure the stalker, she asked Ji Chul to install the camera and recorder, and also Hong Ji Ah As a Backup. Soo Jung now feel stronger as she knew that the died woman was risking her life for a stranger, Soo Jung said there will be more victim if the stalker was freely hanging around and it will be getting worse if she doesn’t stand this way.

In The D-Day, Everything was running as planned. The stalker’s appearance was captured and recorded, But The stalker runaway when Ji Ah And him are fighting. Oh In Bum who monitored from the van also running for a chase but finally the stalker wash bump by a truck and die.

Hong Ji Ah Keeps on finding the cause of Her Mom’s Death

Once Hong Ji Ah talked with Oh In Bum That they should not too rush for a conclusion because both realized that their memories 20 Years ago were incomplete. But Finally Hong Ji Ah telling Oh In Bum about the spirit who possessed him when they’re Kidnapped By Do Hak Sung, She told him that the unrested spirit was his own Uncle; Oh Sung Sik. (Read Also : Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7 Recap)

She assumed that the last memories of Oh Sung Sik May bring up the clue about Hong Ji Ah mother’s Death, And also Ji Ah’s Mother can be sent in peace if the exorcism was succeeded.

Yet the plan was run, There’s a customer who asked an exorcism in his factory. People said that the factory was haunted, then Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Bum come for the inspection. When they entered a room, Somebody locked them from the outside. That room was actually a freezing room.

They’re suffered from the cold, Hong Ji ah mother’s Spirit was coming to open that door and that’s Sell Your Haunted House Episode 10 was Ended.

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