Sell Your Haunted House KDrama Episode 9 Recap

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What’s The Matter Between Hong Ji Ah And Oh In Bum?

Sell Your Haunted House KDrama Episode 9 Was begin with the previous story, Hong Ji Ah And Oh In Bum seems broke their partnership after Hong Ji Ah Dug the information about Oh Sung Sik In Sell Your Haunted House Episode 8. Oh Sung Sik was the one who has a relationship with her mother 20 Years ago right when her mother was killed.

Hong Ji Ah come to Oh Sung Sik’s mother and found out the fact that a child that was brought by Oh Sung Sik to Hong Ji Ah’s Mother was Oh In Bum, her psychic/partner of doing exorcism. Hong ji Ah seems mad of him and told him to get off from Daebak Realty.

Sell Your Haunted House KDrama Episode 9 Case

Heo Ji Chul (Oh In Bum’s Partner) Finally met his blind date partner, Her name was Soo Jung. She lived in a dwell which is haunted by an unrested spirit. The spirit was A Woman who lived around her Unit. Soo Jung was lived in Unit 602 and that woman Lived in Unit 702.

The case is, Soo Jung was being Stalked by a Man. One day, The stalker was following Soo Jung In Lift. That woman felt that something was odd. That woman Getting in again into the lift to give a notice to Soo Jung, But the stalker Show the knife to the woman and Soo Jung walked away.

The Stalker Bring that woman into a basement which has no CCTV, He meant to harm that woman In the blind spot to avoid the evidence Because He felt that woman messed up his Plan. Finally that woman was killed by the stalker and her Unrested spirit Resent Soo Jung and stay in Soo Jung’s Dwelling for a Long Time.

Hyung Sik’s Comeback

As Oh In Bum’s Departure, Hong Ji Ah needs a Psychic. Her previous Psychic before Oh In Bum, Hyung Sik Was back. In the Exorcism Ritual, there is a Police officer who witness them doing the ritual in the basement.

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap
Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap

The usual thing that Hong Ji Ah’s does to every psychic is stabbing the psychic who possessed by the unrested Spirit. But what’s the police officer see was like Hong Ji Ah want to Harm the Psychic (Hyung Sik). Hong Sik runaway into Soo Jung’s room and in the same time, The stalker was in there Too.

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap
Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap

Hyung Sik beat the stalker down, and finally Hong Ji Ah can stab Hyung Sik. The Unrested Spirit who possessed Hyung Sik has the remaining memories and absorbed by Hong Ji Ah. Ms. Hong Knows the detail about what happened in the basement/Parking lot when the woman was killed.

Police Can’t Solve the Case because no Evidence

All people who’s In Soo Jung’s room are brought to the police office. They’re being interrogated but still the police just release the stalker because there are no Evidence, Even What’s Hong Ji Ah told everything to the investigator about the Unrested spirit’s Memories Seems logic.

The Police officers still can’t believe this circumstance, But there are so many odd case remains closed because of No Evidence. Maybe Hong Ji Ah will be such use in The Future.

The Aftermath Of The Spirit’s Possession in Hong Ji Ah

Because Hong Ji Ah Absorbed the unrested spirit’s memories, She behave like what’s the remain Spirits when they’re alive. and it lasting for about one week.

Oh In Bum Saw Hong Ji Ah left Daebak Realty in a Rush. He must thought that Ms. Hong was going somewhere to the place which frequently visited by that unrested spirit (The Woman Who Lived Near Soo Jung). The Woman’s spirit who possessed Hong Ji Ah was an Actress.

Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap
Sell Your Haunted House Episode 9 Recap

Hong Ji Ah went to a Theater, Oh In Bum Followed her and he stunned that Hong Ji Ah dressed very pretty.

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