Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7 Recap – Who Is Ms. Joo Hwa Jung?

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Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode, Oh In-Bum (Jung Yong Hwa) was kidnapped by Do Hak Sung. And Hong Ji Ah (Jang Na Ra) was kidnapped too. When Do Hak Construction’s people wanted to beat Oh In Bum, the necklace he wore was fallen and He suddenly Possessed by Oh Sung Sik’s Spirit. Oh Sung Sik was Oh In Bum’s Uncle who died 20 years ago after doing Do hak sung’s mandatory.

Oh In Bum and Do Hak Sung
Oh In Bum and Do Hak Sung
Oh sung Sik and Do Hak Sung
Oh sung Sik and Do Hak Sung

Oh In Bum Beats all thugs and also Do Hak Sung, But Hong Ji Ah put the necklace back on Oh In Bum then Oh Sung Sik’s Spirit who possessed In Bum’s body was gone.

Do Hak Sung didn’t believe what he seeing. Previously, Kim Tae Jin Told him that he can’t get rid the land around Daebak Realty because he saw the ghost or spirit or something. Now Do Hak Sung believe that the spirit thing is really exist when he remembered Oh In Bum Beat him and the thugs while mentioning the Apartment.

Do Hak Sung’s secretary giving the information about Oh In Bum and Hong Ji ah, it’s true that they’re running the business which is dealing with spirit things and also from that information now Do Hak Sung knew that Oh In Bum was Oh Sung Sik’s nephew. Then He remembered the past after Oh sung Sik’s done with the mandatory, Oh Sung Sik asked the apartment which promised by Do Hak Sung. But Do Hak Sung deceived Oh Sung Sik After wrote the statement letter, Do Hak Sung gave a drink to Oh Sung Sik Which is poisoned.

Who Is Ms. Joo Hwa Jung?

Joo Hwa Jung (Kang Mal Geum) Was Hong Ji Ah’s Assistant in Daebak Realty, But in other day when Oh In Bum want to find some information about the relation between His uncle and Do Hak Sung, He Saw Ms. Joo Hwa Jung in Do Hak Construction’s office. She seems like had some deals with Do Hak Sung.

Who Is Ms. Joo Hwa Jung
Who Is Ms. Joo Hwa Jung

When Ms. Joo arrived in Daebak Realty, In Bum asking a question about her appearance in Do Hak Construction’s Office. But Ms. Joo Warned Oh In Bum to keep silent until his contract over soon, Or She will tell Hong Ji Ah That In Bum Was Oh Sung Sik’s Nephew.

Oh sung sik and Hong Ji Ah’s mother had a relation 20 Years ago and both are killed in he same time. Both Oh In Bum is trying to find out why His uncle died, So Too Hong Ji Ah. But Hong Ji Ah resent Oh Sung Sik A lot because She assume that Oh Sung Sik was responsible of her mother’s death.

Daebak Realty’s Case in Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7

In Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7 Daebak Realty had such case to send away the Unrested spirit which stay in a house who belongs to an Old Woman, The spirit was her late father. The Old Woman tells the story that he was lived with her father and her brother in that house. His Father has such ill that she had to protect him at all cost, His brother was feel sorry for her that she had to suffer of being protecting their father.

His Brother keep blaming his father’s illness, and one day their father gone. That old women resent her brother because she thought that her brother killed their father and buried him somewhere.

After Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Bum done with the Exorcism in that haunted house, Oh In Bum Goes to the late unrested spirit’s memory. He found out that The Old Woman’s father wasn’t died because being killed, But he was end up his life by threw himself in the well.

Then in The next day, the Old Woman’s Father’s Body in the Well was lifted up. Oh In Bum and Hong Ji Ah told the Old Woman about the truth that the old woman’s brother was innocent. Their father Ended up his Life by his own will, because their father felt that he was a burden for his children, She can’t believe that truth then she fainted.

When The Woman was hospitalized, Heo Ji Chul try to find the information about her Brother. Her Brother comes to See Her, And She wiped away her resentment through her brother. Her Brother also said sorry that he doesn’t come to see her for a very Long Time.

After the Old Woman fully recovered, She Said Thank you to Hong Ji Ah And Oh In Bum Also She said her apology that she’s not going to sell her house because she wants to spend her time in there, She said there are a lot of memories left in that house. In Bum and Ms. Hong Seems okay with that.

sell your haunted house eps 7 recap
sell your haunted house eps 7 recap

Watch Online Sell Your Haunted House Episode 7

We Can Watch Sell Your Haunted House Episodes in VIU, But This KDrama Divided into two parts in VIU. So, 2 Episodes of Sell Your Haunted House In VIU Means 1 Whole episodes.

Just Have a Nice Watching, Watch Online Sell Your Haunted House in VIU. Enjoy.

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