Sell Your Haunted House – Korean Drama (2021)

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Sell Your Haunted House

This Drama has a Couple of main Lead, They’re Hong Ji Ah (Jang Na Ra) And Oh In Bum (Jung Yong Hwa). Hong Ji Ah is an Exorcist who runs Daebak Realty, She made a living by selling the haunted Property. Once She got a client, She quickly perform the Exorcism to get rid the unrested Spirit before the property is ready to sell.

Oh In Bum is a fraud, He sells the device that can be considered as the “Ghost antidote” to make a living. One day He want to take an operation as usual, then he met Hong Ji Ah. Hong Ji Ah Performed the exorcism with a psychic, the one who can be possessed by Spirit ; previously She worked with Hyung Sik.

But in a Place when Oh In Bum and Hong Ji Ah met, Oh In Bum got Possessed. When Hong Ji Ah take care of Him, The remaining memory that left in the unrested spirit was absorbed by Oh In Bum. It was unusual because the one who always Absorb the memory was Hong Ji Ah, The Exorcist (Not the Psychic).

Ji Ah Wondering How could it be, She runs the test to Oh In Bum in the other day. Actually Oh In Bum has a Specialty to be a Psychic. His Power was way stronger than Hyung Sik. Since then Hong Ji Ah And Oh In Bum Worked Together.

Sell Your Haunted House Drama Cast

Here’s The Main Cast in this Drama

  • Jang Na Ra : Hong Ji Ah
  • Jung Yong Hwa : Oh In Bum
  • Kang Mal Geum : Joo Hwa Jung
  • Choi Woo Sung : Hyung Sik
  • Kang Hong Suk : Heo Ji Chul
  • Ahn Kil-Kang : Do Hak Sung

There are more cast who played Character in this drama, Just Check Sell Your Haunted House Drama Cast For The Detail.

Sell Your Haunted House Drama Episodes

This drama will be there along 16 Episodes. Started from April 14th Until June 3, 2021.

Sell Your Haunted House Preview Video

Watch Online Sell Your Haunted House Korean Drama Full Episodes In VIU

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