Vincenzo Art Gallery Scene

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Vincenzo Art Gallery Scene maybe was one of hilarious moment in Vincenzo KDrama. The Scene was happened in Episode 14, And maybe many fans are waiting for this that Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young kiss for the first time this episode.

Why Did Vincenzo Goes To Gallery?

The Team of Jipuragi Law firm had discussed that Babel group has one connection of slush fund and it’s related to an art gallery and it’s called Ragusang Gallery. Vincenzo, Cha Young, Hwang Min Sung and Ms. Seo Mi Ri gather to find some ways, and Seo Mi Ri who specialized as a Hacker turning Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha Young As the guest who reserved the place.

The Reservation is done by George Anderson and Jessica Bening, But they’re set the swap so Vincenzo and Cha Young are able to attend Ragusang Gallery then George Anderson And Jessica Benning are doing the proposal at Geumga-Dong Plaza.

Here’s The clip of Vincenzo Art Gallery Scene.

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