Vincenzo KDrama Episode 19, Will Cha Young Die?

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Vincenzo Eps 19

There are a lot of things happened in Vincenzo Episode 19, Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) will leave Korea In The previous episode. He said That He will heading to Italia for two weeks due to things related to his Cassano Family.

Luca Came to pick him up and another thing happened in Geumga Plaza. The people of Assemblyman come to take the Guillotine paper that they knew stored beneath the Nanyak Temple with the Gold bars.

Vincenzo Led Geumga Plaza Squad To Fight

Vincenzo came eventually to beat many people at once, He annuled his flight. But He got beaten because he fought too many people, The Brave Geumga Plaza squad came along to fight those people. Now they have the bravery to fight against whoever that make mess in Geumga Plaza.

Geumga Plaza Squad
Geumga Plaza Squad

After the people of assemblyman failed, Choi Myung Hee, Han Seung Hyeok and Jung In kuk arranging another Plan.

Jung In Kuk Crossed The Line, Jang Han Seok Released From Prison

Jung In Kuk Warned by Vincenzo to not make something stupid, But He actually betrayed Vincenzo three times already. Jung In Kuk crossed the line with Vincenzo, He made decision for his own advantage.

The people that captured in the video at night BABEL Boss gave bribes to the top people of Korea, are free from prosecution.

Jung In Kuk take BABEL’s sides, he Got a promotion into the upper position for his own good and in purpose to release the BABEL’s Boss, Jang Han Seok from the prison.

In this Plan, Choi Myung Hee and Han Seung Hyeok Recognized that Vincenzo will Kill Them. They planned to go behind bars, because they knew that prison is the safest place to hide from Vincenzo.

Han Seung Hyeok Failed to Convinced Jung In Kuk for taking him into the Jail. In The Other Hands, Choi Myung Hee can pursuade Jung In Kuk to put her into the prison because she take the fall for Babel’s sins.

But After Jung In Kuk’s Promotion, Vincenzo Come to him and kill him. He was one of the people on Vincenzo’s list to get rid.

Choi Myung Hee took the responsibility and then Jang Han Seok can be released from Prison. Choi Myung Hee seems enjoy her time in the jail, Vincenzo can’t get her.

Jang Han Seok Released From Prison
Jang Han Seok Released From Prison

Hong Cha Young Kidnapped and Get Shot by Jang Han Seok. Will Cha Young Die?

After Jang Han Seok released, His first Target was Hong Cha Young. He kidnapped her and he was also kidnapped his own sibling ; Jang Han Seo. Han Seok Sent Cha Young’s earrings and Necklace To Vincenzo with the Pig Blood. He Took the revenge when Vincenzo Spoiled him with Pig Blood at the Babel Coaching workshop.

Cha Young Earrings
Cha Young Earrings

Vincenzo Comes To Han Seok with the bare hands. He Found Cha Young tied, Han Seo’s head was bleeding, and Han Seok holding the firegun. Han Seok Gave the Hockey Stick to Han Seo, He Commands him to beat Vincenzo with that.

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But Han Seo Attacks Han Seok, Vincenzo and Cha Young tried to runaway When they fought. Jang Han Seok Aim The Fire to Vincenzo but Cha Young Put her Back on Vincenzo, She get the shot. Will Cha Young Die in This Vincenzo KDrama Episode 19 ? We will Find it Out in the Vincenzo KDrama Episode 20 (Final).

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