Vincenzo KDrama Episode 20 – Final, The Downfall of Babel

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Vincenzo KDrama Episode 20 was Ended with the downfall of Babel Group. Vincenzo has Four Targets, One of them was get rid in Vincenzo KDrama Episode 19. He Was Jung In-Kuk who betrayed Vincenzo to get the promotion, Vin Finished Him after thrown from the Lounge’s Upper Floor.

There are Choi Myung Hee, Han Sung Hyeok and Jang Han Seok remain. Choi Myung Hee was arrested to cover Jang Han Seok’s sins in Babel, Han Seok was free from jail After Mrs. Choi goes to Prison.

But Things get worse when Jang Han Seok released from Jail, He Kidnapped His Brother Jang Han Seo and also Hong Cha Young, You can Get the details in Vincenzo KDrama Episode 19. Yes, Hong Cha Young get shot By Han Sung Hyeok then He would Shot Vincenzo but Jang Han Seo Resist him. Unfortunately, Han Seo gets Shot.

Jang Han Seok Points the Fire gun to Vincenzo, But There’s no Bullet left when He aim to fire and then He Runaway. Vincenzo Called 911 To Pick Han Seo And Cha Young, But Han Seo Died to soon. Before He died, He gave his phone to Vincenzo. In The Past, Han Seo put a tracking sensor to all of Jang Han Seok’s Watches that can be monitored by his phone.

Jang Han Seo Gets Shot by Han Seok
Jang Han Seo Gets Shot by Han Seok

Vincenzo Started the Operation from Han Sung Hyeok, Vin Promised to keep him safe after releasing Choi Myung Hee.

Mrs. Choi read the news that now Han Seok was a fugitive after killing Jang Han Seo, Not long after she just get the announcement that she released from jail. She called Jang Han Seok and told him that Han Sung Hyeok had cross the line, Han Seok pays hitmen to get rid of Mr. Han. Vincenzo automatically get rid of his second target without gets his hands dirty.

Han Sun Hyeok Stabbed by Han seok hitman
Han Sun Hyeok Stabbed by Han Seok’s hitman

Jang Han Seok planned to flee, He mentioned Mexico and asked Mrs. Choi to Run Or hide somewhere faraway. But at the moment she was arrived at her apartment, Vincenzo was inside her room already. He brought her into a room and torn her feet, Then She showered by the gasoline. As she can’t move, Vincenzo fire his lighter and he gets rid of his third target.

The Last Target, Jang Han Seok presence was monitored from the phone that was given by the late Jang Han Seo. But His location was somewhere faraway from where Vincenzo at. 4 men of Geumga plaza was coming for help, to hold Jang Han Seok before Vincenzo arrived.

Poor Mr.Lee, He Got stabbed by Jang Han Seok. Vincenzo come at the right time and shot his feet before Han Seok pull up the gun. Vincenzo Brought him into a someplace that he was tied in a seat with the automatic moving drill. the drill was equipped by timing device that it will drill Jang Han Seok’s Chest little by Little. Vincenzo told him that he wouldn’t let Jang Han Seok die comfortably.

In the Other day, Jang Han Seok still seems alive but He’s in terrible condition. A Crow Come to eat up his body.

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