Who Killed Bae Ro Na

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The Tragedy That Afflict Bae Ro Na

In The end of Penthouse Season 1, Bae Ro Na was lived poorly after her Mother Oh Yoon Hee wrongly accused of Killing Shim Su Ryeon. But in the Beginning of the Season 2, Oh Yoon Hee Proven Innocent and then She and Her Daughter, Bae Ro Na Moved to United States with Logan Lee.

Logan Lee Saved Oh Yoon hee because he trust that Oh Yoon Hee didn’t kill Shim Su Ryeon even Oh Yoon Hee confessed that she killed Min Seol Ah. One Day Oh Yoon Hee Told Bae Ro Na that she want to go back to Korea and Ask her to stay with Logan Lee in US, But Bae Ro Na Insist to follow her. Oh Yoon Hee Didn’t give the allowance, also She’s telling her that She killed Min Seol Ah then Bae Ro Na Seems so upset and leave Her.

Oh Yoon Hee’s Heart was breaking but her plan to heading Korea is still Rolling. She made an Agreement with Ha Yoon Chul to get a Marriage Contract for the Revenge through Joo Dan Tae And Cheon Seo Jin. In The Other side, Bae Ro Na and Logan Lee Chatting about Min Seol Ah and Oh Yoon Hee.

Bae Ro Na seems sorry about the death of Min Seol ah even she never met her before, also Her mother (Oh Yoon Hee) who did that. So Bae ro na also feel responsible with that mess, that made her asking Logan lee to give her permission to Go Back To Korea and promising Logan that she will win the trophy of Cheong Ah Art Festival. And This is the beginning of Bae Ro Na’s Agony.

Ha Eun Byeol Ultimate Jealousy To Bae Ro Na

We have to Remember that Bae Ro Na and Joo Seok Hoon (Joo Dan Tae‘s Child) has a romantic story. But there’s another Girl like Joo Seok Hoon Too, She’s Ha Eun Byeol ; Ha Eun Byeol is Ha Yoon Chul And Chen Seo Jin’s Daughter.

Eun Byeol Sees that A Guy she loved was choosing Bae Ro Na ; Again, her Dad is now married to Oh Yoon Hee That means her Dad’s become Bae Ro Na’s Stepdad. And the most important thing that Bae Ro Na is way more talented than Ha Eun Byeol, She has a good voice like her Mother Oh Yoon hee.

There are two things that Now belongs to Bae Ro Na, So Ha Eun Byeol didn’t want the Cheong ah art Academy Festival’s trophy become Bae Ro Na’s too. Ha Eun Byeol doing Bad things to Ruin Bae Ro Na’s Performance, She used her dad (Ha Yoon Chul) To Bribe the coach and piano player.

But things are out of hands, Bae ro Na performs Flawlessly even Eun Byeol try to ruin her. Ha Eun Byeol’s performance messed up because of her insecurity after see how Ba Ro Na performed.

After the performance Ha Eun Byeol Seeing Joo Seok Hoon And Bae Ro Na Meet in the school hallway. She losing her mind and she wanted to hurt Bae Ro Na After Joo Seok Hoon Move Along. Ha Eun Byeol break the trophy Showcase and want to use that trophy to harm Bae Ro Na.

Who Killed Bae Ro Na?

With the generic creepy mimics, Ha Eun Byeol pointed the sharp trophy towards Bae Ro Na. Bae ro Na Walking backwards until they gets on to the Stairs outside of the school, Then Ha Eun Byeol Swing that trophy to Bae Ro Na and made Ro Na Falling down the stairs and bleeding.

That tragedy happened when the announcement of Cheong ah Art Festival’s winner. One of The school guard screams that there’s someone hurt on the outside so People in the festival are come out and finding that the person who have hurt was Bae Ro Na. Until That time, Ha Eun Byeol assumed that she was killed Bae Ro Na. But is it true that Ha Eun Byeol Killed Bae Ro Na? who killed Bae ro na?

who killed bae ro na

The Ringtone

After that Incident, Ha Eun Byeol Become very stressful. Ha Yoon Chul feels so worry and make him back to care her daughter and his ex-Wife, Cheon Seo Jin. Yoon Chul and Seo Jin are agree to erase Ha Eun Byeol’s memory about Bae Ro Na And it works along a few moments.

But there is something that make Ha Eun Byeol’s memory come back, The music. There’s a music that she heard when Bae Ro Na Falling Down The stairs. Ha Eun Byeol arguing with her mother until she said that she never meant to kill Bae Ro Na. Her mother ask her, Did she stab Bae Ro Na on the Head? Ha Eun Byeol Said no, She confessed that she swung the trophy to Bae Ro Na but it’s just hurting her Arm.

Ha eun Byeol Didnt Mean to kill Bae Ro Na

Cheon Seo Jin thinks that Ha Eun Byeol wasn’t the one who killed Bae ro na, Then she asked Eun byeol the more detailed situation on that day. Ha Eun Byeol Heard a Ringtone when Bae Ro Na Falling down the stairs and she’s runaway then.

Whose Ringtone was that? That was Joo Dan Tae Ringtone ! The One Who Stab Bae Ro Na’s head was Joo Dan Tae.

Who Killed Bae Ro Na At The Hospital?

After The Bad Luck that happened to Bae Ro Na, Bae Ro Na Hospitalized after the awful injury. It Turns really breaking Bae Ro Na’s mom, Oh Yoon Hee. Bae Ro Na Just came to her sense for a few seconds then She lost her consciousness again.

Not Long After, There are someone pull out the oxygen’s hose and Bae Ro Na had another stage of critical condition. Who does the world doing that thing To Bae Ro Na? He Was Joo Dan Tae. Joo Dan Tae was the one who killed bae ro na at the hospital, because she will tell the truth that Joo dan tae tried to kill her if she gets well and alive then.

Then Bae Ro Na Reported die.

But That’s not the truth, The Truth is : Bae Ro Na Is Still alive. Shim Su Ryeon Who disguise as Na Ae Gyo Saved her in the secret medication and fabricated her death that everybody believe that state, Even Oh Yoon Hee.

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