Who Killed Min Seol Ah

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Min Seol Ah

Min Seol ah was a Character In Penthouse : War In Life. She was an Orphan girl that was adopted by Korean-American Family, Later She changed her name into Ana Lee. They have a Son who needs a Bone Marrow Donor, Min Seol Ah Gave her Bone marrow to that guy named Logan Lee.

Min Seol Ah had a bad experiences of life until she end up her life tragically. Firstly, She framed of doing criminal scene that was made by her stepfather So Min Seol Ah proceeded to the court and deported to Korea. Logan Lee can’t do anything to keep Min Seol Ah Stay in US. But They two are still connected by phone until the day Min Seol Ah Was killed.

Who Killed Min Seol Ah?

For the Very first Agony, Min Seol ah treated Badly by the chief of the orphanage house. Then She lived in a flat and make a living by working part time and become a Math Tutor. She Was really like to sing, She wanted to attend Cheon Seo Jin’s Cheong Ah Art Academy. Cheon Seo Jin Was a Soprano Diva and the headmaster of that School.

Min Seol Ah tutoring Hera Palace kids but she gains no Respect. All Kids , Joo Seok Kyung, Joo Seok Hoon, Yoo Jenny, Lee Min Hyuk and Also Ha Eun Byeol are Bullied her so bad.

At the day of Entering Test of Cheong Ah Art academy, Min Seol Ah was doing a good Test and impress the Juries and testers But Min Seol Ah didn’t get a Good Result. Cheon Seo jin prioritize the Hera palace kids because their parents Give her good deals. And also, Ha Eun Byeol is her Daughter that must be a top priority to Attends Cheong Ah Art Academy.

One Day Min Seol Ah Witness Cheon Seo Jin Making out with Joo Dan Tae in Hera Palace. She record them by her phone and Blackmail Cheon Seo Jin So Min Seol ah had a chance to be on the waiting list.

In Some Moment, Min Seol Ah was Kidnapped by Cheon Seo Jin, She Locked and tied Min Seol Ah in Technical room of Hera Palace. She beaten up badly and Ha Eun Byeol See them arguing. Ha Eun Byeol Finally Knows the affairs between Her mom and Joo Dan tae.

When Cheon Seo Jin was leaving, Ha eun Byeol gone mad to Min Seol Ah. Min Seol Ah tried to make a deal with eun byeol, She asked eun byeol to untied her then Min Seol Ah will give her phone to Ha Eun Byeol. But Min Seol Ah just Tricked Eun byeol, She ran away into the backstairs.

Min Seol Ah was Falling down and then Eun Byeol Push her in to the downstairs. Ha Eun Byeol thought that She was the one who killed Min Seol Ah , She ran away and keep that as the secret. But actually Min Seol Ah was still alive and can run to find the way out.

But Unfortunately She got caught by Joo Dan Tae. Joo Dan Tae Dragged Her in to the edge of 47th Floor Balcony. Oh Yoon Hee Witnessed them. Oh Yoon Hee Got a bad day after registering Bae Ro Na to the same school like Min Seol Ah. Bae Ro Na can’t attend that School because there was no Vacancy and she knows that Min Seol Ah was on the waiting list. She Was at the Drunk Condition and she lost her way inside the Hera Palace until heading the 47th Floor.

Oh Yoon Hee Hiding in the back of pillar and she broke the vase. Joo Dan Tae who Suffocate Min Seol Ah was surprised and Left Min Seol Ah.

Then Oh Yoon Hee Come out, Min Seol Ah feels so relieved and asked to take her out. But Oh Yoon He was lose her mind. She thought that if Min Seol Ah Doesn’t Exist, Her Daughter Bae Ro Na Can Join The Cheong Ah Art Academy. Yes Finally Oh Yoon Hee Pushed Min Seol Ah and Falling down on the Hera Palace Statue. So Now it’s Clear That Oh Yoon Hee Killed Min Seol Ah.

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