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Bahrain interactive maps is divided into 4 regions complete with area codes and color codes, you can visit each region just by highlighting the desired area.

Bahrain interactive maps

Bahrain Placeholder
BH-13Al ‘Āşimah#DB5A5A
BH-14Al Janūbīyah#A9C78B
BH-15Al Muḩarraq#FFF7C4
BH-17Ash Shamālīyah#4070D3

Detail information

Bahrain Neighboring CountriesSaudi Arabia, Qatar
Regional MapsAsia, Middle East, Interactive World maps
Bahrain InformationBahrain is located in the Middle East. Bahrain is bordered by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Bahrain.
Bahrain CitiesAl Mamtalah, Al Manamah (Manama), Al Muharraq, Al Wasmiya, Ar Rifa ash Sharqi, Askar, Awali, Az Zallaq, Durrat al Bahrain, Isa, Jaww, Jidd Hafs, Madinat Isa, Mina’ Salman, and Ra’s al Barri.
Bahrain LocationsGulf of Bahrain and Persian Gulf.
Bahrain Natural ResourcesBahrain is rich in oil and natural gas resources. Other natural resources include fish and pearls.
Bahrain Natural HazardsThe issues that trouble the country of Bahrain include periodic droughts, and dust storms.
Bahrain Environmental IssuesBahrain has environmental issues which include the water and soil. There is damage to the coastlines, coral reefs, and sea vegetation resulting from oil spills and other discharges from large tankers, oil refineries, and distribution stations. There is a lack of freshwater sources, so groundwater and seawater are the only sources for the country’s water needs. The country has desertification, resulting from the degradation of its limited arable land. Bahrain also experiences periods of drought and dust storms.

Airports list

LocationAirportIATA Code
ManamaBahrain International AirportBAH

Regional map: Western Asia

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