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Kuwait interactive maps is divided into 6 regions complete with area codes and color codes, you can visit each region just by highlighting the desired area.

Kuwait interactive maps
Kuwait Placeholder
KW-AHAl Aḩmadī#F8BB7C
KW-FAAl Farwānīyah#F2E189
KW-JAAl Jahrā’#C9D080
KW-KUAl ‘Āşimah#52A071
KW-MUMubārak al Kabīr#DB5A5A
Kuwait Neighboring CountriesIran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
Regional MapsAsia, Middle East, Interactive World maps
Kuwait InformationKuwait is located in the Middle East. Kuwait is bordered by the Persian Gulf to the east, Iraq to the west and north, and Saudi Arabia to the south.
Kuwait CitiesAbdali, Al Ahmadi, Al Jahra, Al Khiran, Al Kuwayt (Kuwait), Al Wafrah, As Subayhiyah, Ash Shuwayhk, Az Zawr, Bubiyan, Mardaz Hudud al Abdali, Mina’ ‘Abd Allah and Qasr as Sabiyah.
Kuwait LocationsDijlah (Tigris River), Jun al Kuwayt, Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf).
Kuwait Natural ResourcesKuwait has commercial deposits of fuel which include petroleum and natural gas. Other natural resources include fish and shrimp.
Kuwait Natural Hazards:Sudden cloudbursts in Kuwait are common from October to April and they bring heavy rain, which can damage roads and houses. Other natural hazards include sandstorms and dust storms that occur throughout the year, although they are most common between March and August.
Kuwait Environmental IssuesKuwait has limited natural fresh water resources and water pollution. However, they have some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated desalination facilities, which provide much of the country’s water. Other environmental issues for Kuwait include air pollution, and desertification.

Airports list

LocationAirportIATA Code
Kuwait CityKuwait International AirportKWI

Regional map: Western Asia

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