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Qatar interactive maps is divided into 8 regions complete with area codes and color codes, you can visit each region just by highlighting the desired area.

Qatar interactive maps
Qatar Placeholder
QA-DAAd Dawḩah#F8BB7C
QA-KHAl Khawr wa adh Dhakhīrah#F2E189
QA-WAAl Wakrah#C9D080
QA-RAAr Rayyān#52A071
QA-MSAsh Shamāl#FFCC66
QA-SHAsh Shīḩānīyah#DB5A5A
QA-ZAAz̧ Z̧a‘āyin#A9C78B
QA-USUmm Şalāl#FFF7C4
Qatar Neighboring CountriesIran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Regional MapsAsia, Middle East, World interactive maps
Qatar InformationQatar is located in the Middle East. Qatar is bordered by the Persian Guld and Saudi Arabia to the south.
Qatar CitiesAd Dawhah (Doha), Al Khawr, Al Khuwayr, Al Wakrah, Ar Ruways, Dukhan, Jumayliyah, Limm Sa’id, Umm Bab and Umm Sa’id
Qatar LocationsGulf of Bahrain and Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf)
Qatar Natural ResourcesQatar has fossil fuel deposits of petroleum, and natural gas. Fish is also a natural resource for this country.
Qatar Natural HazardsFor the country of Qatar some common natural hazards include dust storms, sandstorms, and haze.
Qatar Environmental IssuesAn environmental issue for Qatar is its limited natural fresh water resources. The country is experiencing an increased dependence on large-scale desalination facilities.

Airports list

LocationAirportIATA Code
DohaHamad International AirportDOH

Regional map: Western Asia

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