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Jakarta – The suicide bombing rocked Thamrin, Jakarta. The bomb exploded at Starbucks Thamrin Thamrin Police Station. AFP had received a photograph one of the faces offenders who commit suicide bombings in Police Station. Photos offender is also spread in social media since Thursday (01/14/2016) afternoon. There are five terrorists, blew himself up in a […]

Jakarta – The terror in Jalan MH Thamrin managed to cut through the struggle of the police. In an effort to master the region Thamrin, police briefly exchanged fire with the perpetrators. This car is so shield. Perpetrators fired at officers from inside the building. While police position is in the middle of the open […]

Metro Jaya police chief: Target Terrorists Are Symbols West

Jakarta – Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian said the target of terrorists in action this time is the possibility of the symbols of western culture. Besides officials were also targeted them. “One, the police. Two, the symbol of the west. Automatic western symbols, as these ISIS war against the west,” Tito said after […]